Educational Farms


Learning from Nature, having fun

Educational farms

Our farm has joined in 2008 to the project “FATTORIE DIDATTICHE” – “EDUCATIONAL FARMS”, promoted by ALSIA BASILICATA.

This involves the reception of schoolchildren, families or organized groups within our company in order to promote knowledge about agricultural environment, origin of food products, life and management of farm animals and thus create a direct communication between farmers and citizens.

Too often, in fact, the countryside is seen as something alien, extraneous to our daily lives, due to the frenzy of modern life and a progressive estrangement from rural life.


The basics of planting and harvesting and the importance of seasonality


Raising livestock in an ethical and healthy way, to then have high quality products


Products are then processed by combining traditional methods and innovations


At the end of each course, a certificate is issued to each participant


Suitable for all age groups

Educational learning

Instrument of an educational project, the Educational Farms are born in a perspective of multifunctionality and supply of new services, and offer valuable opportunities for learning, growth and autonomy for the younger generations, through creative workshops and practical experiences of “learning by doing”.

Our training offer includes many activities to be carried out indoors and outdoors, depending on the choice made and the current season, ranging from the management of livestock to planting and harvesting, from work in the kitchen to those in the fields; each activity is introduced by a short lesson accompanied by explanatory cards and educational materials, and ends with the participants’ considerations on the day spent, with the compilation of the Farms “REGISTER” and with the delivery to each participant of the product made, according to the chosen workshop.


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